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03 Flowers

Forever Flowers from KarenTiedeStudio are fabric flowers, individually handmade from upcycled upholstery remnants and fabrics leftover from abandoned sewing projects.
Fabrics are not purchased new at retail, although some may be collected from "last yard" bins at fabric stores. Many fabrics are acquired when lifelong quilters and sewists donate or sell their stash.
I started making flowers for my wedding and simply didn't stop. You clicked on my wedding bouquet if you came here from the Collections page. (That bouquet would be a bit different if made today; it was created at 11:30 pm on Friday before the wedding.)

Because flowers are made from abandoned fabrics, no bouquet can be exactly duplicated. For the time being, I am leaving sold work on this page. If you see something you like that has been sold already, please contact me and I will see if I have fabric in inventory that can be used to create something similar.

Commissions accepted; stained or trashed wedding, prom, and bridesmaids' dresses can make beautiful arrangements if the stain can be cut away.