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01 Knit Rugs

Rugs in this collection are hand-knit from recycled fabric, using garter stitch and big needles. Many of the designs are based on traditional quilting patterns, writ large.  Most of these rugs were featured in my book, Knitting Fabric Rugs.

These rugs are original creations, one of a kind, and not repeatable. They can be hung on the wall if mounted on soft canvas to prevent stretching, or used on the floor at the side of your bed or in front of the sofa. Pets love the texture.

The rugs are VERY heavy. They can be washed in a gentle cycle, but if you simply need to dust and fluff, try tumbling them in the dryer on cool.

Because the rugs are made from clothing that has been washed 100 times before being abandoned, the colors will probably not run but still, wash separately in cold water, and test before putting one of these rugs on top of a white carpet.

If these original art rugs are outside your price range, you might enjoy a printed dog bed / floor pillow in one of the patterns. I can also create blankets, printed area rugs, and throw pillows with the OOAK designs on them. Please contact me to discuss your project.