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Meet the Testing Team!

Six out of six dogs surveyed agreed, we like these beds.

Nigel is the oldest and alpha; lab-Airedale mix.  His tail was born that way.  Very easy-going; loves water, loves retrieving.

Wiley is the incumbent small dog, defined as "small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink, if you need to."  He's 9 pounds and when he's not sleeping, he's (often) screaming.  Likes to play zooming, too, and eats almost anything, including pineapple and watermelon rind.

Abby's the sister of our other sibs; smaller, at 60 pounds, shy and retiring.  Would rather not eat than eat something that doesn't taste exactly right.  Looks just like her mother.

Champ is Abby's twin brother; littermates, we got them when he was 25 pounds and she was 16.  He look just like their father.  Leaps tall fences (4') at a single bound, although he couldn't get onto the couch by himself until he was about 8 months old.  Always hungry; eats anything that looks like dogfood.

Wooster is Abby & Champ's big brother and our alpha-in-waiting.  He's a reliable, trustworthy dog and prefers to sneak up on you than to bark and let you realize how big he is.  He and Champ eat each other's collars off, which is why they wear slip chains.

Becca is our pack's cousin-equivalent; she looks after my sister and her family.  The pillow was a gift to her and she was not thrilled that everyone got to test it first.

Rosie the Rottweiler is pretty much cool with everything that comes her way.

Two young kittens don't yet know it's not cool when cats agree with dogs; they liked the bed, too.  They were visiting for the week while their family went on vacation.