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Photographing Knitting Fabric Rugs--The Book

Art director Alethea Morrison found a fabulous home in Richmond, VA, to serve as the on-site location for the rug photography.  The home had been featured in Richmond Magazine, and was known as the Igloo Home because of the large domed room at one end, visible from a major bridge across the James River.

Alethea had planned most of the the locations and images.  Photographer, Kip Dawkins. Here, shooting Ladders.

Kip shooting Ladders

Brown & gray spiral was photographed in front of the fireplace.  The stylist provided the chairs and magnolia blossoms.

Red Nautilus was photographed in the Igloo Room, which is used as the family's music space. 

Note the carpet has been rolled back (behind camera).

Kip Dawkins and Alethea Morrison discussing the details of a shot for Red and Gray Lattice.

 At the time, Floating Gold Square was mounted on a hard surface, and stood up on its own.  It has since found a home in a private collection, mounted on soft canvas.  In its new location, it helps to absorb reverberation in a room with two grand pianos.

Kip shooting a detail of Purple and Peach Climbing bars, with one of its component color balls of yarn (purple #2, I think).

Brown Triple Spiral, in the music room.  Kip had previously shot Pink Swish--notice it in the thumbnails on the right of the screen.

Pink Swish, with birdhouse.

Kip shooting Red C-Shapes.  Chair provided by the stylist.

This rug, Biltmore Stripes, is now in a private collection.

Alethea Morrison, art director, selected all the image locations and also painted all the watercolor illustrations used in the book.

Shooting in the studio, in January.

Everything laid out for detail images.

 Kip shooting for the cast-on image.

Kip Dawkins, Marcie Blough, and editor Gwen Steege (standing).

My hands in the picture, Kip Dawkins and his assistant, Marcie Blough.

Setting up an image for the "how to cut" shots.

Editor Gwen Steege discussing an image with Marcie Blough.

Kip adjusting the camera stand for the "how to cut a garment" chapter.

 Lighting a tray of balls of yarn.

Atmosphere shots.

A spiral rug in progress.  This rug has since been completed and will be in the shop soon.

Marcie Blough and Gwen Steege reviewing an image.  That's Marcie in the poster on the wall.

Showing the shading used in Purple and Peach Climbing Bars.