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Building Spring Flower Basket

Spring Flower Basket started when I found a nice wicker basket with a handle, painted pale green, at the Dorcas Thrift Shop in Cary. At the same time, I responded to an ad on Craig's List for fabric by the pound, and bought 25 pounds of a quilter's stash in colors that worked for me.

Based on the size of my 25# pile compared to what was left, the stash must have been about 2500 pounds. That's a lot of fabric.

I selected a handful of pastel quilting cottons from the new fabrics and added some pastels I'd acquired through previous thrift shop finds and made about 30 pastel fabric roses and carnations.

The first step in building the arrangement was testing the flowers in the container to make sure the colors and shapes worked.

Testing flowers in the basket.

Once the basic colors were verified, I wrapped a piece of foam in the same fabric used to make the leaves and secured it to the basket.

Arranging flowers in foam.

Then I started adding flowers to the basket, making sure to mix the different colors so that they were distributed evenly.

More flowers.

The last touch was to add some leaves.

More Flowers

Spring Flower Basket made its first appearance at the Fat Cat Art Fest.

The finished Spring Flower Basket

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