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Original rugs, and now fantastic fabric flowers. And dog pillows.

A year of lockdown left me wanting to share more of my art with the world. Rugs need homes; some of my chainsaw work won’t fit in my new home and might work perfectly in yours. I lean to colorful, and textile-based. Now that I’m a bit more used to being married (three years; first marriage at the age my peers are becoming grandparents), it’s time to write the book about how I made all the flowers for my wedding.

Funny how I didn’t make that much art during lockdown, but as it started to lift, as we got vaccinated (and learned we had antibodies), I went back to the studio.

Several years ago, I started making art rugs, using traditional methods (knitting and weaving), from old clothes*. Print on demand technology lets me share reproductions of textile art at affordable price points in the form of home decor, including dog beds and easy-wash area rugs.  White carpet, black dog?  I have a solution...  (I have seven dogs; I understand the problem.)

Look around. The original rugs make great wall hangings, especially in "bright" rooms where sound reverberates. They absorb echo, and they're way more interesting than egg crate foam.

New items fairly regularly.

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