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Dog Beds

Dogs (and cats) love to sleep on the original rugs.  You can toss the rug in the dryer on low to remove the dog hair.  However, if your dog beds need regular washing, consider an easy-wash, printed version of a rug.

We tested a medium (30" x 40") pillow with seven dogs, ranging from 9 pounds to 75.  Were I buying one for the largest dog, I'd get the next size up (40" x 50").  The Chihuahua thought the medium was just fine, as did a pair of kittens. 

(Most of the individual pillows have a collage image of our testing team trying out one of these dog beds.)

These dog beds come in two styles--indoor (fleece) and outdoor (woven).

They are available in three sizes:  18" x 28", 30" x 40", and 40" x 50".