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Bohemian Home, Part 3: Naked Man & the Goldfish

bohemian color mirror sculpture

Naked Man came to us from A&B Store Fixtures in Raleigh, a wonderful place to wander from time to time.  (The Greensboro warehouses have more stock, but are overwhelming.) He is styrofoam and was the only one of his kind (they have virtual armies of real mannikens).  I've never seen another one like him.

When he arrived, he was dirty white, so I painted him flat white and pretended he looked like a Greek torso carved from marble.  In dim light, it worked.

We found the Goldfish at a gift store in Port Arthur, WA, just before the recession.  It appears the store has since closed.  I was awestruck by the Goldfish in the window.  We went inside to ask how much, and the lady said, "Well, the one in the window is $300, but I have this broken one you can have for cost--$70.00."  I said, "Done.  Do you ship?"

Naked Man and the GoldfishA week later, the Goldfish arrived.  I had to glue some mirror tiles back on, and repair one of the fins.  Not too hard for a chainsaw carver.

I put the Goldfish on the same table as Naked Man, but all that gilt and glitter made the flat white Naked Man disappear.  A can of shiny gold spray paint solved that problem.

There's a tiny little mirrored goldfish Christmas ornament hanging from the shelf at top right, and a beaded lizard on the mirror.  Don't recall how they found their way to this display.

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