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CD Chains

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CD Chains

All you need is a large number of dead CDs and a supply of 8" cable ties. DVDs are pretty, too. Put two CDs together shiny side out, loop a large cable tie through the hole, and then through the cable tie that runs through another pair of CDs (make one pair stand-alone first). "White" cable ties will eventually disintegrate in the sun, but so will CDs at some point. Black cable ties (UV-resistant) will last longer than the CDs, for sure.You can also connect two pairs together with a longer cable tie--perhaps 11", but maybe 15". Test. These cable...

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Bohemian Home, Part 3: Naked Man & the Goldfish

bohemian color mirror sculpture

Bohemian Home, Part 3:  Naked Man & the Goldfish

Naked Man came to us from A&B Store Fixtures in Raleigh, a wonderful place to wander from time to time.  (The Greensboro warehouses have more stock, but are overwhelming.) He is styrofoam and was the only one of his kind (they have virtual armies of real mannikens).  I've never seen another one like him. When he arrived, he was dirty white, so I painted him flat white and pretended he looked like a Greek torso carved from marble.  In dim light, it worked. We found the Goldfish at a gift store in Port Arthur, WA, just before the recession.  It...

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Bohemian Home, Part 2: Rainbow Books

bohemian book storage color

Bohemian Home, Part 2:  Rainbow Books

I once wrote a personal ad that said, "If you don't own 2X your age in shelf-feet of books, you may not be comfortable in my home." I wondered about sorting books by color for a long time.  I had most of my books roughly arranged by subject matter, and I could usually find what I thought I had.  But I hated the random blotches of color.  Books are a huge part of my home, and I like my color, and the books on the shelf were not doing their part.  Finally, I decided to try sorting books by color. ...

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