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#LIL, Ring 9, completed

#LIL LoveisLove

The last rows of Ring 9 and the beginning of the last feather and fan got me through the election. I was the handler for a candidate; we spent Tuesday driving from precinct to precinct, meeting voters.  He drove; I knit.  (The shawl is big enough, and baggy enough, that it holds the ball of yarn inside itself, so I could stand at the polling places, tuck the bag under one arm, and continue to knit while we chatted with poll greeters and the occasional voter.)

Very low turnout on election day because in our counties, 70% of the people who vote, had voted early.  Divide 30% of the population across 48 precincts in one county, and 18 in the other, and that's not a lot of traffic at the polls.

Slow, to say the least. He won his county but not the district.

Having a project in hand made the after-election results-waiting event tolerable, as much as that was possible. I found an armchair facing away from the TV and was able to focus on those attention-required fan rows, yet still be polite enough to everyone else at the party.

Tiny sequins in the dark red. Easier to see than to photograph.


Ring 9, completed, moving into the final Feather and Fan.


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