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Bohemian Home, Part 2: Rainbow Books

bohemian book storage color

I once wrote a personal ad that said, "If you don't own 2X your age in shelf-feet of books, you may not be comfortable in my home."

I wondered about sorting books by color for a long time.  I had most of my books roughly arranged by subject matter, and I could usually find what I thought I had. 

But I hated the random blotches of color.  Books are a huge part of my home, and I like my color, and the books on the shelf were not doing their part.  Finally, I decided to try sorting books by color.  The worst that could happen was that I would have to sort them all back.

Rainbow Bookshelves

The worst did not happen.  I can find books just as easily now as I could before.  Apparently, I store "spine color" as one of the sort criteria, in addition to subject matter.  "I think that was blue... "  Even if I'm about the color of a book's spine, I find other books nearby that are equally interesting and often provide some useful insight into the problem.  It's like looking over the New Books section of the library--a mini tour through the entire Dewey Decimal System.

If you've ever looked at your books and thought, "ugly," try sorting by spine color.  It's less silly than it looks.

More about Naked Man and Goldfish tomorrow, and the other art, soonish.


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