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Bohemian Home, Part 1

bohemian mirror

I bought Justina Blakeney's book, The New Bohemians, the other day. I follow her on Pinterest.  I get it that my art fits well in a Bohemian decor.

What I had not realized until halfway through the book was that my own decorating style earns the "bohemian interiors" label.  Ergo, a series of posts sharing bits and pieces (mostly, as quickly as I can get everything tidied up for photography) of the home that inspires the art you see in this store.

Here, the Lily Mirror:

Lily Mirror

I found this mirror at a Habitat Restore.  It was intended to be a bathroom vanity mirror, but by the time it came to me, the lamps had been lost and only the mirror was for sale.  It had four holes in it for the lamp fixtures.

I love beveled glass, and I love etching, and the mirror was at most $5.00, and it came home with me.

A trip to the craft store gave me four round mirrors to glue over the holes, and then four beveled squares to glue over the round mirrors.  A set of mirror hanging brackets from the hardware store, and bingo!

It hangs on the back of a room divider shelf unit.  There's a glass showcase above (not shown) and the shape below, covered with fabric, is my TV.

Here's what these mirrors look like in Habitat (these ones aren't etched; the lilies were a rare find).

Lily mirror, repaired, and similar mirrors at a Habitat Restore.


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