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#LIL Ring 9, revisited

#LIL Designing LoveIsLove

That didn't work.  I had some bright red boucle yarn that I was planning to use for the last ring of big hearts.  I finished off the Noro shown in the last article, and started with the boucle.  Made it to two rows and gave up.  Forgot to take a picture; sorry.

The yarn was too thick for the lace--couldn't see the stitches, couldn't see the pattern developing, and worst of all, I couldn't see what stitch I was on--whether I had already done the two K2T (effectively), or only one.  Unpleasant.

So I unpicked, and that messed up the Noro rows, so I took them down too.

I slipped into Great Yarns before class last week and found some bright red mohair, as well as a skein of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze in a darker red, both on sale.  That counts as "knitting from stash," right?  The Rowan has tiny sequins, and Pulse needs sequins.

Ring 9, showing mohair and Rowan.


Here's a close-up view of shading the Noro (with a thin strand of pink laceweight alpaca) into the mohair, in alternate rows.  The pink flashes are the last of the Noro.

Blending Noro and mohair

The dull yellow right after the navy is a shortish strand of orange mohair; didn't have much of that at all.  Then I started with the more orange end of a small winding of Noro sock yarn, which shows as the yell to peach in the picture.  The brighter pink is the alpaca.



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