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Chaise Lounge

$ 2,500.00

A few years ago, a neighbor lost an old oak tree in a mini-tornado. The tree had grown in the middle of an open field, and its branches twisted and turned. This is the second chair carved by rip-cutting a naturally curved branch lengthwise and then joining the boards along their long sides.

The planks are held together with steel strapping. The legs are branches from the tree. The entire chair is finished in a two-part finish designed for log cabins. The chair can live outside, although it will be happier and last longer if it does not rest on dirt and if it can have shelter from rain and weather.

Delivery can be arranged. The estimated cost to ship from Raleigh to Chicago is $1000.00. Free shipping does NOT apply to this chair. (Estimate a crate size of 72"x36"x42".)

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