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#LoveIsLove Shawl


Earlier in the summer, I purchased a shawl pattern sight unseen as a fund-raiser for the families of the victims of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fl.  I had no real plans to make the shawl; thought I would be knitting something else.  However, I could afford to put $5 into the fund raiser.

Then I followed the discussion as the pattern took shape.  I tried knitting several things, and nothing stuck.  Donna Druchunas assembled several kits and suggested yarns; I found myself shopping.

However, I don't like varigated yarn, much, and I don't really like rainbows as a color scheme.  I kept finding yarns that were rainbow-ish, and John kept saying, "If it's for Pulse, it has to be a rainbow."  I almost  bought several yarns, but cash is tight this month, and nothing grabbed me very hard, and I almost thought about skipping the project.

I went digging into my stash.  I have a huge bag of assorted whites, rescued from a thrift shop bin.  It was supposed to be knit into an afghan.  I've lost the pattern, and my life does not allow white afghans--we live with seven mud-loving dogs.  I had thought about space-dying that yarn several times.

Whites from an afghan kit and failed circular shawl (which will be undone soon).

Bingo! I added some colors from stash in a rainbow mix.

Mixed yarns for the #LoveIsLove shawl.

The black has a 1974 date; the blue with tinsel came in a grab bag from Webs in 1987 or thereabouts.  No idea where the turquoise, red, or purple came from.  Added a few other colors.

First two rounds of LoveIsLove.

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