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Sari Silk Crescent Shawl

sari silk

I needed to be knitting something easy on a road trip to Spartanburg, SC, and I needed a Christmas gift for my sister, and I had a bag of sari silk yarn waiting to become something, and bingo! Search on Ravelry, find UrbanGypz Designs Sari Silk Crescent Shawl (may need to be a Ravelry member), and I'm set.

Top view of the completed shawlTop view, showing flouncing.

This is the same yarn that was used in the Sari Weave fabric.

The pattern is a standard Pi Shawl base, which calls for three increase rows of (YO, K1). In order to make them not stand out as much as they did, added every 4th row of YO, K2T so that the top of the shawl was full of open work.

Detail of sari silk shawl

I sorted my stash of sari silk yarn so that the colors played well with each other. I have more skeins that lean to darker colors, and a few that are bright orange-red, that didn't make it into this project.

Detail of Sari Silk Shawl

I finished the shawl just in time to steam block it and then fold it into a gift bag for Christmas. Took the pictures on the hood of my pickup truck just before we set out to visit my family. Fortunately, the truck was clean!

Detail of sari silk crescent shawl


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