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Shooting the Rugs for Knitting Fabric Rugs


Some of the rugs listed in the Hand Knit section were included in my book, Knitting Fabric Rugs.

The writing was, for the most part, easy, except for the bits where I wave my needles and say, “make it work.”  Book publishers don’t like those kinds of instructions.  We worked it out.

The most interesting part of the production process was the photo shoots.  I had never worked with a professional product photographer before, let alone an art director and a stylist.  VERY different from self-publishing.

These are some of my pictures from the two different photo sessions, one on location and one in Kip Dawkins’ studio, both in Richmond, VA. More pictures on the website.

Brown and gray square spiral in front of the fireplace.

The second set of images was shot in Kip Dawkins‘ studio, in January of 2015.

The editor and the photographers discussing a shot.

You can get the book on Amazon:

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