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Fibonacci Handwoven Rug, 58" x 33"

$ 200.00

Denim and pink reflect the colors of a cowgirl, from her hard-working jeans to her softer side. I call this rug "Fibonacci" because it is the first time in this series to explore stripes designed according to the mathematical series that governs spirals. That is, the stripes increase 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 13, where the number of stripes in each section is the sum of their number in the two previous sections.

Size: 58" x 33"

Washable; this rug is woven from blue jeans and pink sheet fabric.  All of its parts have been washed many many times before.

The weaver (me) has since changed her fabric acquisition process and no longer works with denim.  It's too thick to cut well and I'm not wild about the color.

This rug will stand on its own, when rolled.  The rug shown rolled in the picture is also woven from denim and sheets, in a different striping pattern.





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