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Silver Hydrangea Arrangement

$ 395.00

This is a large and generous bouquet with more than 40 fabric flowers, and plenty of leaves.The flowers were made from wedding fabric, brocade, various curtains, and other gauzy shiny fabrics in shades of blue, lavender, silver, and white.

The leaves are pale green satin.

The photographs don't show the actual structure of the arrangement. The inner flowers make a tight dome of roses, while a dozen large blue & white brocade roses float six inches above that surface.

The arrangement is built in a silver plated champagne cooler with a grape design around the rim, rescued from a thrift shop.

The arrangement is roughly 30" in each direction. Each flower is built on a wire stem. The glue is waterproof but this arrangement is intended for indoor use only; the fabrics are not treated for outdoor use and will fade in direct sunlight.

The bouquet will ship in a large carton packed with egg crate foam. It will need fluffing and adjusting when it arrives; the stems will bend and can be straightened.

The silver brocade fabric was tested with two roses now offered separately as Silver Brocade Roses.

Forever Flowers from KarenTiedeStudio are fabric flowers, individually handmade from upcycled upholstery remnants and fabrics leftover from abandoned sewing projects. Fabrics are not purchased new at retail, although some may be collected from "last yard" bins at fabric stores. Many fabrics are acquired when lifelong quilters and sewists donate or sell their stash.


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