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Passion Rag Rug, 55" x 31"

$ 450.00

"TSDesigns:  printing t-shirts for good" is headquartered not too far from my home.  A few years ago, I collected a truckload of t-shirt scrap from the factory.  After sorting and processing, the scrap starred in several of my woven rugs. Much of the red in this rug came from TSDesigns.

The t-shirt factory has since changed it dye process and no longer produces scrap like this.

Woven in 2/2 broken twill (all the strength of a twill (denim) without the obvious diagonal lines).

Size: 55" x 31"

The rug is as thick as "Springtime," the rug shown below with 8 US quarters for reference.

All of my twill rugs are robust.  As proof, note that they will stand alone when rolled.  Many ordinary handwoven rugs will not stand on their own like this. (The rolled rug in the standing image is NOT "Passion;" however, both rugs are woven to the same thickness.)

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