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Custom Hand-Woven Rug

$ 900.00

If you don't see what you need in the store, consider commissioning a custom hand-woven rug for your room. 

The process starts with a conversation about the room, your colors, and how large you want the work to be.  I'll create sketches; you'll send swatches, we'll talk.  When the design is finalized, I'll weave. 

My loom produces rugs approximately 31" wide, to any length, on black cotton warp. I weave a 2/2 twill which produces a very dense, thick, durable rug.  Because I weave twill, the warp threads are barely visible and the weft (color) fibers predominate.

It may be possible to include some of your fabrics in the rug; not all fabrics are suitable.  Given the nature of the processing required to turn fabric into rug fiber, using your fabric does not adjust the final price.  I am happy to weave with retired ties; they produce a better rug when blended with other fabrics.

Woven rugs will not stretch and can easily be attached to a rod for use on a wall.

Depending on the size of the rug and the prevalence of the colors in the stream of clothing, the project can take up to six months. 

Custom hand-woven rugs are $75/SF; 50% of approximate price to start.

Please contact me directly before purchasing this item; the price in the listing is shown as an example, used only to position the item in the store.  I will create a listing for your rug after we discuss the project.

Note:  One of the images of my loom shows a pink warp; this has been used in other rugs and the loom is now warped with 300 yards of black.

Shipping costs will be based on final weight and size of the finished rug.  This e-commerce system requires an estimated shipping amount in order to list an item in the store.


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