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Collective Force (The Army) 7

$ 350.00

Collective Force is the first rug in a series planned to represent all the hexagrams in the I Ching. I picked #7 because I had fiber in the color of uniforms, and a collection of red ties that reflected a corporate contribution.

Collective Force is the energy of discipline, organization, and righteous aims.

Use these rugs on the floor--dogs love them, and they'll keep dog hair off your larger carpet, or on the wall. Big walls need big art, and the texture and thickness of the rugs will absorb sound reverberations and make an overly "bright," echo-y room much less noisy. Woven rugs can be stitched to a rod along any side and hung simply; they do not need additional support.

This rug is woven in a 2/2 broken twill (all the strength of a twill (denim) without the obvious diagonal lines).  The black warp is protected by the weft. 

The rug is as thick as "Springtime," the rug shown below with 8 US quarters for reference.

Mixed fabrics and fibers; cotton warp; the solid weft is repurposed cotton t-shirt fabric, the lines are ties in silk and silk blends.

All of my twill rugs are robust.  As proof, note that they will stand alone when rolled.  Many ordinary handwoven rugs will not stand on their own like this. The rug weighs 7 pounds.

Size: 44" x 31"

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